Write for your life!

Photo by danr13/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by danr13/iStock / Getty Images

Writing improves our physical and emotional well-being. And believe it or not, we are all writers. Laundry lists. Essays. Poems. Living wills. Memoirs. Novels. Manifestos. Recipes. Notes to self. Letters. Each and every one is a story.

It doesn’t matter how well you write. What matters is that writing has the power to increase your resilience and to put you back in control. And that can make all the difference!

Telling true stories differently is about figuring out what you have to say, and writing it into reality. Simply because you can. No permission needed.

It is about sharing what weighs heavily on your heart, and trusting that you are far stronger and healthier in setting it down in writing than you would be in remaining silent.

It is about priming the creative pump, and letting the imaginative richness that feeds your stories spill out to nourish the universe.

It is about gathering and preserving your memories, before life’s shadows nibble off their soft outer edges or swallow them whole.

It is about tapping into the source of balance, relief and healing that have always been with you.

It is about embracing your anger, taking a stand, and daring your inner dragons to cross the line.

It is about putting life’s sharp corners in context, adding your own brand of secret sauce, and serving them up for dinner - with chocolate.

And, it is about creating a means for wisdom, joy, and resilience to outlive the physical self.

There is no right or wrong way to embrace your life through writing. There is just one way. And that is to sit down and do it. Your way.

Join me. Write for your life - every lump, bump, freckle, scar, and wart of it. It’s honest. It’s imaginative. It’s raw. It’s alive. And it is all you!