Hi, I’m Gail. I write and speak at the intersection of life and imagination - that place of possibility, where our stories connect us to one another and create our most important realities. Tell me: How are your stories working for you? When life is hard, and things get complicated, do your stories give you something solid to stand on? Or, do they rip the ground out from under you and feed what remains to the hungry monsters that patrol your inner grounds? Do your stories wrap you in bright shades of shiny new possibility? Or do they suffocate you under boatloads of guilt, worry, and fear? Stories are adaptable, after all. They’ll do what you tell them - even if it’s not in your best interest.

What if you could change your entire world by changing the stories you tell yourself? You can, you know. Each new story changes everything. You get to choose. You are the storyteller.

You have always been the storyteller!

I created this site to challenge and transform the stories we listen to and tell ourselves when we feel vulnerable, worried, and unable to believe we are the one in control of our lives... Stories, that with a little tweaking, have the power to make us more resilient and better able to heal what’s hurting and broken in our world. All I’m talking about are stories. And life. And the world as we imagine and re-imagine it. But mostly, just stories.

And possibility. Lots of possibility!

What part of your world needs more imagination?

Join me in The Cosmic Grill, where all imaginings are welcome, and new possibilities are constantly emerging from beneath the mashed potatoes.

And, come play with me in my sweet sandbox of a Blog. That's where I take on the many stories of our times, and tweak them just enough to change their spin.

And, connect with me about giving a Talk or a Workshop, and we’ll challenge the stories you tell yourself - together.

- Gail