Welcome to the place where life, imagination, and limitless possibilities meet for lunch. Welcome to the Cosmic Grill! Stories From The Cosmic Grill are short explorations of life’s dark and shadowy spaces, set in the comfort and context of story. It is a book about changing the reality you create for yourself - the reality through which you interpret all that is happening in and around you - and tweaking it enough to give you a little more room to stretch out and try on some new perspectives. And it is a book about seeing the stories you tell yourself for what they are - STORIES - and about giving your imagination permission to reframe those stories in ways that can soften their edges so what’s broken and aching in your world can start to heal. This is not fiction the way we tend to think of fiction. It contains very little dialogue. And aside from all the Sals‘ - the many parts of YOU working in and around the Grill - there are very few named characters. Instead, Stories From The Cosmic Grill talks to the unconscious mind - that part in each of us where the storyteller weaves the inner tales that constantly shape and reshape our pictures of the world, and where every story we tell ourselves is the absolute truth. It asks little but that you consider the limitlessness of what might be possible. Then it takes you to the edge of all you know of your inner world, and invites you fly.

Not quite sure about that flying part? No problem. The Cosmic Grill sits just this side of that slippery edge where everything is unfolding in your inner world. You already spend far more time here than you realize. It’s just that you’re in and out of the place so frequently, you probably never took the time to wander around and get really comfortable - inside. You can think of the Grill as your - and everyone else’s - inner home away from home. Stories are constantly unfolding in there, along with those who carry them. After all, you can never tell where a story might lead, given the right nourishment and attention. That’s why the place never closes.

There’s no telling who you’ll see inside. Some of your selves stop by over and over again for a bit of light refreshment before continuing their inner travels. For others, new stories arise and new realizations emerge in the lemon chiffon, so they hang around long enough to safely test the feel of their new and emerging plots. And of course, there are those few who show up at the Grill and never leave. The Cosmic Grill welcomes all of YOU equally. And no matter the look or state of the story you’re currently telling yourself, none is ever turned away.

Most folks - just like you - end up spending a large portion of their lives in the Grill. They haven’t a clue what brings them. Still, they arrive over and over again, and rarely leave. Good thing the place is big enough that they don’t bump into themselves.

And the vast majority- just like you - show up alone. They don’t stay that way for long, however. Tables quickly fill with all sorts of thoughts, imaginings, and memories from the pasts and futures of our diners’ inner worlds. You’ll see. We realize the Grill may look kind of small, but both you and I know that looks can be deceiving. This place can expand to accommodate, however unruly the number of plots and stories you bring with you.

Additionally, whatever dietary restrictions may rule your inner world, you can relax in the knowledge that the food we serve is the kind of down home good stuff you can sink your teeth into - cooked to your inner order. Nothing fancy, but definitely filling. Don’t worry if you don’t see what you want on the menu. If it’s unfolding in your world, you can be sure it’s been added to ours. Check the daily specials. You’ll find it there.

And promise yourself you’ll visit our Starlight Lounge while you’re here. That’s where our long-timers spin some of their best yarns, and the music up there is out of this world!

Now don’t stay out on the porch wondering about the place. It’s clean. We realize it may appear a bit small and run down from the outside, both you and I know looks can be deceiving. The Grill can accommodate however many plots and stories you brought with you to chew on. So come on in. There’s plenty of space. And bring your baggage with you. No telling what you might want to unpack while you’re here.

There’s a great little table over here in the corner, unless you’d prefer a booth. Oh good. You’ve found a spot that fits you perfectly. Just settle on in, then. It will feel like home in no time. Let’s get you a menu. And don’t worry if you don’t immediately see what you’re looking for. If it’s unfolding in your world, you can be sure it’s been added to ours. Check the daily specials. You’ll find it there. Or ask Sal, the Grill waitress. She’s been here forever. There’s not a story she hasn’t heard before, except for yours of course.

Let’s get started shall we? There’s no telling what the Grill’s critically acclaimed chef, Sal, is cooking up today, but it’s bound to be good. Come on in and make yourself comfortable. Things are just getting started. Plan to stay as long as you like. The coffee is always on, and new stories are constantly burbling up from beneath the mashed potatoes.

Oh, and don’t be too obvious about it, but if you peek very quickly over your left shoulder, you may catch God sipping her Orange Slurpy and settling in for the show up in the Starlight Lounge.

Enjoy your visit to the Cosmic Grill. Hope you become a regular. Then again, you already are. Welcome back.

Sal - Your Official Guide to The Cosmic Grill