Stories From The Cosmic Grill: It's Fiction For The Unconscious Mind

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"Gail's stories are elegant and powerful. Her metaphors for life are beautiful and inspire us to wake up to the bigger picture of our existence."

  Julie van de Zande  
Immersion Travel Expert

The Children's Table

Minding the Gaps



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Stories From The Cosmic Grill: It's fiction for the unconscious mind!

Are you ready to read some true stories told differently? No shame. No embarrassment . . . Well, maybe a little embarrassment, but just enough to make you smile.

We spend our entire lives telling ourselves stories. Romance. Tragedy. Snarky little things. Epic dramas. Tales of pain and fear. Each one is the absolute truth, because everything we tell ourselves is the absolute truth. Of course, our absolute truths evolve as we do. That’s what keeps them fresh.

Yet, many of the stories we tell ourselves feed our inner dragons far better than they feed our souls. That’s why I wrote this book.

Stories from the Cosmic Grill is a collection of 53 shorts that re-imagine how we define ourselves and our place in the grander scheme of things. They are honest. They are prescriptive. And each one speaks in a unique and intimate way to the person reading it.

Stories from the Cosmic Grill is not fiction the way we tend to think of fiction. There is almost no dialogue. And aside from the fact that everyone who works at the Grill - even the cat - is called Sal, there are very few named characters.

Instead, this book talks to the unconscious mind - that place in us where the storyteller weaves inner tales that shape and reshape our pictures of the world. It asks little but that you consider some new possibilities. Then it takes you to the edge of all you believe to be true, and invites you to play.

Praise for Stories From The Cosmic Grill

The Grill is such a great social object. The Edge too. I have such a picture in my mind of what the whole scene looks like. I feel like I know what it feels like to be drawn to the edge, and also why I don't go over. So to have stories of people who do go over, or at least throw their shoes, is eerily fascinating.

Elissa Ashwood, Business Consultant
CEO, Truly Accomplished

I started reading one of your stories last night before I went to bed & ended up reading all of them. They are so compelling. They struck me like those paintings where you see one thing, like a forest, but when you look more closely you see something else, like an indian almost hidden. I really enjoyed them.

Beth LaMie, Personal Historian
Author of Granny’s Guide to Fun & Fabulous Family Stories

This is incredible writing, so thought-provoking - so wild/great with words - so FUN! It' s like poetry in that so many phrases call me to go back and mull... well, ponder. My word, I am awed - absolutely awed!!!

Karen Caterson
Nurturer of Creatives & Mindful Nonconformists


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