What part of your world is waiting to be written?

What is begging you to bring more presence to your life, your health, your relationships, and your world? What is waiting for you to write it into perpetuity?

I can help you, your group, or organization give written voice to the stories that define your world.

People think in stories, not facts. You don’t need more facts. What you might need, however, is to look at the facts you have - differently - and to write those facts into new stories.

What you might need is to be around other people who are dealing with facts like those that populate your world, because every new story a group creates changes everything - for everyone.

Utilizing group coaching and multi-session classes, I will help you write your way through the challenging issues of life's second half. I'll guide and encourage you every step of the way as you write what's on your mind about care-giving, ageism, illness, letting go, and everything in between.

4 Program Areas

Photo by Michaela Stejskalová/Hemera / Getty Images
Photo by Michaela Stejskalová/Hemera / Getty Images

Speak your truths through your writing. The following programs could help:

“Write For Your Life” - A program in six classes, each one using a different format to write your life’s stories;

“Because I Care” - A six class writing program for professional or family caregivers;

“Writing Through The Storm” - A five class program dealing with illness and loss, through writing; and

“Write Your Way Home” - Defining and creating our written end points, in four one hour classes.

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